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 Festival August 18-21,2011

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PostSubject: Festival August 18-21,2011    Fri Jul 08, 2011 4:55 pm

Hi ladies and gents. I just heard about this festival and Tanulius says he might come up. It's a few days of pagan festivities with a ritual Saturday up near Yellow Springs (Dayton area) and to be honest, I have never been to a pagan festival except for (free) pride days and (free) goddess workshops, (yeah, I know, I am kinda cheap). This one is pretty close to Cincy though, and I might just go 1 day (Saturday) to not overwhelm my perty little head (and wallet- since I know there will be vendors!!). The day pass is $20 if you pre-register by Aug 5 ($65 for the whole festival, extra for stuff like a meal plan and cabins). ADF puts it together but you don't have to be a member (although Tanulius would be cooler if he was.....tee hee) Razz
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Festival August 18-21,2011
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