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 Nexus Pointe

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PostSubject: Nexus Pointe   Thu Feb 25, 2010 2:23 am

Thanks to a lot of support and warm words of anticipation, quite a bit of manifestation and lot of passion, the newly found book store: Nexus Pointe will be opening it's storefront on May 8th 2010 in East Tennessee and soon after in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our online store will open its cyber door this March. The name Nexus Pointe derives from the concept relating to the point of axis of a particular meridian on this earth. Particularly the Leigh Lines. It relates specifically to the store opening here in the Smoky Mountain range being that these mountains are made of pure quartz crystal and because of which were a meeting ground for Native American Indian Chiefs. In short, it is the concept of a sacred meeting place.
Where we come in: The dispensing of knowledge to the mass public. Our goal is to make Nexus Pointe a sacred meeting place for people of all paths and faiths. To help people reach their path. There will be meetings and speakers who will represent their own personal truths. It is open to anyone who wishes to do so. Psychic Flaming is prohibited i.e. no evangelism.
We anticipate seeing you in the near future!
I will update and let everyone know when the online store opens ect.
God+dess Bless to all!
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Nexus Pointe
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