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 Dieties vs. "energy work"

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Dieties vs. "energy work" Empty
PostSubject: Dieties vs. "energy work"   Dieties vs. "energy work" Icon_minitimeMon Oct 12, 2009 10:43 am

I have been a pagan for about a decade, and have always maintained that a relationship to the dieties (in my case, goddesses) is central to the religion. I actuall have met some that call themselves pagans though that use magic as a manipulation of energies, where they call on a god/goddess/both but don't think they need to even believe in them. It sounds disrespectful to me to call on /ask for the help of a diety that you don't even believe in. I think that we're a religion, not computer programmers (OK maybe some of us work as computer programmers), and we aren't just reading a dusty mythology book aloud like someone that doesn't call themselves pagan.
What do you all think?
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Dieties vs. "energy work" Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dieties vs. "energy work"   Dieties vs. "energy work" Icon_minitimeWed Oct 14, 2009 8:20 am

I agree with you totally, I think if youre going to call on the deities for power and guidance, you have to (at the very LEAST) believe in them???! If you dont, youre just ''going through the motions'' and not actually getting anything done. Youre work would be for naught if you did a spell but didnt think the God/Goddess youre asking guidance from existed at all...

I mean, I understand people who dont choose to ask for power from a deity, and I know some that dont believe in the deities and just do Energy work as you say, and thats fine. Just dont start naming off gods and goddesses names just because they're handy and add to your ''mystery''...

lol... what silliness.
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Dieties vs. "energy work"
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